Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you have been following along for the last year you have probably seen some of my home organization projects I have done in partnership with The Container Store.  It all started when they did an overhaul in my pantry and from there I have hired them to organize my garage, my fridge, my kids art studio… and as of late I’ve had the itch to tackle my master bath!   I feel like my bathroom counters are always covered with makeup, lip gloss, hair brushes…  the list could go on and on, but I have had enough and decided to take on this project.  I am so pleased with how it all came together.     For my master bathroom I knew I wanted some thick shelving on the wall to organize some of our bathroom toiletries.  From storing makeup to accessories I needed some help but I also wanted it to look esthetically […]

Curvy + Confident ALT looks are in!

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend ALT as a coach with Alison’s Brand School.  It was such a fun experience and I am BEYOND grateful for the friendships that I was able to cultivate there!  It’s been a long time since I had a good opportunity to dress up business babe style- (perks of working in yoga pants most days!)  I knew I wanted to sport a fun fresh look without breaking the bank so I have put together my looks – that any tall and/or curvy girl can rock on a budget!   Before we get to all the clothes – I want you to remember that you too can have MORE body confidence today!  I haven’t always been in a place where I felt confident in a jump suit, wearing bright red, or picking out a swim suit that would show my mid section.  It has taken a lot […]

My Weekly Food Prep Routine!

WHY MEAL PREP!? It’s healthier, takes the stress out of mealtime and it saves you BIG money! It’s a win win win! I posted in January on my Instagram stories that I was having some health issues caused by stress and unhealthy eating – and I made the decision that my ONLY goal for 2019 was to take care of my body and put it as my top priority.  It wasn’t an easy move, I was stuck in some bad habits and pretty awful patterns, but luckily I have found my stride. Heading into April and I have made so much progress. I feel great, I sleep better, I have more energy- and I have more peace! One of the MAIN things I do every week to take better care of myself is food prep! Eating healthy isn’t EASY but it can be EASIER if you are prepared! Eating healthy is important to me, so I make […]

Stagg Design X Ashley’s Fresh Fix Basement Remodel

  It’s finally here! I am so excited to be able to show you all our basement, between the years we took saving up and the months of construction and design work – it feels like we have been waiting for a long time! Now, we get to relax and enjoy this space together as a family. I can’t wait to show you! For this project I teamed up with Stagg Design – Jen was so helpful coming up with a beautiful design concept for the space, watch this video to learn about the process! For Stagg Design’s blog about the family room, click HERE    Stagg Design is all about affordable high-end design, I felt so empowered to create a home we would love with their options.   I was able to choose products I could mix and match effortlessly, so putting a cohesive space together is simple! Their new art print was inspired by our family!  […]

My Latest “Mom Hack”

As a working mom to 4 busy body little ones, I am always trying to find new ways to simplify life in any way, shape, or form.  We are all in the same boat together… trying our best to keep the kids, family, household, work, bills, and laundry all afloat and to be honest it can be exhausting.  Then you add the other worries of life like eating healthy, safe cleaning products, taxes (ugh) … all of this could make your head spin, right?! Adulting can be so hard if we let it! This is when mom/life hacks become necessary.  Any chance I can get my hands on to save time, money or even thoughts I take it!   I love it when I see brands make changes that are still of the same quality but have worked to improve their “ingredients” for the sake of us.  We should never have to choose between a […]

10 Things We Do To Help Our Son with ADHD

Hello! Thank you so much for hopping over to our little blog to get the details on how we help my beautiful son cope with his ADHD.  First of all, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I am just sharing our experience in hopes to help you! There are a lot of reasons I have chosen not to address this online before, mostly out of respect for him because it’s his story to tell, however – he actually WANTS to talk about this- because he believes his ADHD is awesome and his superpower – and I do too!  We have had a few rough years trying to navigate this with him, but we really have found a sweet spot in the last year – nothing is perfect- but we are all doing MUCH better! When I was talking to him about how we could share here, he was really excited about the chance to help others […]

Lip Kits With Shine Cosmetics!

About a year ago I discovered Shine Cosmetics and fell in love with several of their items – but mostly their lip glosses and liners! I am a lip girl! I LOVE lip products and have used so many- so I feel like I’m qualified to speak to you as a lip gloss connoisseur – as I have basically tried every product under the sun in search for the perfect one!   After obsessing over their Lip Products for a couple of months – I decided to pitch the owners an idea just for you!   And here we are!!   Get ready to take on the world with three new Ashley’s Lip Kits from Shine Cosmetics – personally curated by Yours Truly!  It’s the month of LOVE and I want you to LOVE YOURSELF so I leaned into some women’s empowerment lyrics to name my kits! Here’s my favorite combos that I have on hand at all times!  […]

Art Studio Dreams!

For Christmas we decided to create an art studio for the kids and it was hands down their favorite surprise!   All of our kiddos love crafting, drawing, and creating and we desperately needed a designated space for them to do all these activities in and my kitchen table desperately deserved a break!  🙂 We decided this room was going to need a couple different work areas since our kids range in ages 10-3 there is a big difference in their needs.  We added a couple desks a long the wall for the older boys and this darling coloring table that is perfect for Parker and Mabel! As you know one of my top priorities in 2018 was getting organized!  For the first couple of years in our home, I would get so frustrated because it never really felt like anything had a place.  We didn’t have any built-ins or shelves and after realizing that […]

Rettel Co L♡VE!

For Christmas we decided to create a space for all our kids to craft in.  I don’t know about you, but my kids could create something every. single. day… AND I LOVE IT!  I love that we are raising them to use their imaginations, to play and to build.  I will be sharing more information about the room itself in a couple days but I honestly felt like this gem needed a post of it’s own.  Let me introduce you to, the Rettel Roller!    A couple months before Christmas I saw these beautiful Rettel Rollers and knew that I needed to get my hands on one specifically for the kids craft room.  For this space I ended up using the 24″ one!   I love that it’s large enough for me to write big affirmations on it for my kiddos or for them to simply doodle on themselves… I can only imagine the silly […]